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Get More Google Business Reviews

Posted by Shyla | August 12, 2022

The benefits of more Google business reviews

So, the first question is: how critical are product reviews? And how can you get your customers to leave reviews more often? 

Let's start with the facts: 

- 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

- According to this Zendesk Survery, 90% of customers say they're influenced by positive reviews.

- More than 70% of people claim they read product reviews before biting the bullet on a purchase.

- In a study by Forrester, companies that have more Google business reviews rank higher in overall search engine results than their competitors.

- 91% of people in the 18-34 age group claim they trust reviews.

How do reviews help grow my business? 

1. Reviews massively improve your SEO and web traffic. Brands with more reviews tend to show up at the top of local searches. Obviously, we want the majority to be positive reviews - but review volume is also important. 

2. Reviews build brand trust between you and your consumers. People are searching for honesty. Does your product do what it claims to? Can you meet their needs? Of course, the business will claim it has something to offer - but when previous customers speak positively about your business, it builds your reputation. 

3. Reviews are a great way to gain feedback and interact with your customers. When you get reviews, comment on them! Thank your customers for taking the time to review your product. Even when it comes to negative reviews, you have an opportunity -  you can respond to the allegation if it's genuinely unfair, or if the customer makes a good point? A pologize and try to right the wrong. Others will read the review and take note of how you handled it. We all make mistakes - how you handle those mistakes will set you apart from other companies. 

How Telos Reviews can increase your five-star reviews on Google and social media 

Telos Reviews makes the experience easy. We've found that most people want to give customer reviews when they love a product; but like the rest of us, our customers are busy folks.

Luckily, Telos Reviews is a three-step process, quick and easy: 

1. Highlight a customer's number.

2. Send them an SMS with a link to leave a Google or Facebook review.

3.  They receive the link and write you a review - boom! You're on your way to more customers and increased business.

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