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TelosReviews: How Does It Work?

Posted by | August 23, 2022

This post will you give you a quick rundown of exactly how to start TelosReviews.

1. You will first click our table that says "Get Started."

You can find that tab here. 

2. Next, you're going to click "Add To Chrome."

TelosReviews currently works exclusively as a Chrome extension. If you do not already have Chrome, you can download it here. 

3. You should see a puzzle piece.

Once you click add to Chrome, you're going to click that little puzzle piece in the top right-hand side of your browser. Sometimes, it's next to your email icon.

That puzzle box will have a dropdown menu like this telling you what extension you have and what access carry:

You will want to "pin" Telos Reviews by clicking that pushpin on the right. It will turn blue. Now, there should be a TelosReviews icon next to your puzzle piece, giving you quick access in your browser.

4. When you click TelosReviews, a box will appear asking for your phone number.

Enter your number including the area code. You'll get a verification code, which you enter next.

Once that is done, you can update your profile settings. This information will determine what your customers see and the link they go to in order to leave their review, so make sure this is correct.

This screen tells you your SMS balance for the month. If you're using our free starter package, you'll get 3 SMS reviews per month. You can click "upgrade" to increase your limit.

5. Send your first review!

Type a phone number into any browser in Chrome. You could use a Google sheet, a search bar, anything. You'll then highlight the number and right-click. A drop-down menu will appear like this:

You'll double-click Request Review and boom! Your review request is sent.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to reach out to us.


Customer reviews - both the volume and the rating star - might be the most essential marketing tool a business has today. As we referenced in our previous blog, customer reviews tell a company's story: how their product holds up in real life with real people. As a business, you can rave about your product all you want - but trust is built through customer reviews of your product, and how you respond to those reviews.

With TelosReviews, we can help you build your business platform through more high reviews. Get started with us for free, here.



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